Sunday, 6 December 2020

Hotel Quarantine Art Residency

Tuesday 24 November - 9.30am (precisely)
Sunday 6 December 2020

Park Royal Hotel, Tullamarine
Rooms 505 & 506

My fifteen-year-old son returned from a school exchange in the USA, requiring quarantining. The day after our completion of a very hard, secure lock-in, Melbourne began it's 'public' quarantining program across other hotels in the city. 

This is the visual documentation of this time where my son and I became reacquainted and the necessary routine of exercise, eating, entertaining, and creativity to help us sanely and healthily pass our 12 days. 

12 Blocks of randomly cut clay & no more! One block per day for the entirety of this quarantine. 

...folding my fingers through my son's hair after so long 

...a vessel for breathing, imaging fresh air

...a day spent in my head after a night of heavy, confusing dreams 

Day 4 
...looping, swirling, doodling with coils

...remembering kangaroo grass & other things seems right to make a cloud today



...a special portrait request 

...remembering being with trees

...topsy turvy...a bad day

...a vessel for grounding & tethering to earth

...conjuring a surmountable mountain

Day 12 never live in a room full of rectangles again

Artwork packed and ready to go

Window sequences

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