Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Winter Drawing

This winter I'm taking a break from the studio to think about the surfaces of my vessels.
To push me along I've enrolled in Freeing the Eye drawing intensive with Shane Kent at SOCA.
See following a selected example of the drawing exercise and developed results.

Some of my important learnings:

The 'mote' to build tonal quality, pictorial space & illumination of the object, tone (shape) cf..tonalism (form)

Working on mark making, surface facture- freedom of the mark from descriptive function

De-iconising the paper

De-iconising the object. surface, gesture inflators. Wes Mills, lived visuality - Richard Serra

'touching' the object - blind drawing, gesture

'touching' the visable landscape from a distance

thinking about the above

Touching the subject, following a path through the subject


neckar square to find placement

Picasso reference
still life set up
shapes within space
tonal exercises 
tonal exercises

Ref. Mondrian's tree work