Wednesday, 26 December 2018

New Work - Vitrine Exhibition at Craft May 2019

Conversations With A Landscape will present an investigation into our relationship with Australian landscape. 

I have visited this area of the Victorian high country for many years. All works have been made at the site of investigation, using the pliant material of clay to capture a tangible sense of place.

These vessels and sculptures respond to a particular eucalyptus, river and surrounding landscape. Measuring 712cm in diameter and thought to be pre-settlement, this tree has significant agency. It grows on the unceded land of the Taungurung people. It stands unharvested, majestic and sublime. A survivor of the colonial impact of sawmilling, the high-country cattle industry and 19th century and ongoing farming. It stands as a provocation and reminder of longevity and undocumented history of this place.

Conversations With A Landscape proposes that we occupy a newly redefined place in nature, one that is observant and respectful. These objects explore a way of constructing and acknowledging landscape outside of colonial tropes and actions of consumption, ownership, and labeling.  

Lifting texture...


New Work Exploration - About Place