Sunday, 31 December 2017

New Work as 2017 Draws to a Close

Questions asked

How might I make a vessel using my visual concerns about place & environment?
How can I continue to make texture that relates to me? In additional to my pinching technique or instead of?

Continued themes

Sense of place in particular Delatite River & landscape.
My significant tree, Mountain Eucalyptus.

Starting point is the last work made at the Northcote Residency

This work is now part of the Northcote Pottery collection. Use of slabs and coiling. 

Process & Revelations 

Texture on slabs created by knuckle, river stones, fingertips and a little pinching rather than entirely formed from coil and pinch. 

Making QUICKLY. Responding to CURVES and CONTOURS from slab throwing. 


Works which directly expression the tree

Using foliage cotour for rim

Large quickly made slabs

Subtle texture (fingertips) combined with deeply impressed texture
No reference to 'literal' tree silhouette
Love the broader surface the the wrap connection

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